Colombia Supremo Risaralda Pereira Co-Op

Aroma & Tasting Notes

Cherry     Sweet Cookie     Walnut    Toffee

Roastmaster Suggestion

Rich medium roast

Tier 1 Coffee

100% Specialty Grade Arabica


More Info

Coffee Origin: Pereira, Risaralda, Colombia, South America

Colombia Supremo 17/18 is sourced from small to medium-sized family-owned farms located within the city of Pereira in the department of Risaralda, Colombia. Coffee is cultivated on farms that average 2.5 hectares in size. Producers pick and process coffee at their own micro-wet mills and then dry their own coffee, typically on elevated tables inside solar dryers that provide protection from the nearly continuous rainy season.

Coffee Varieties:

The Typica variety is one of the oldest in central America and the world. It has very good cup quality potential, but is highly susceptible to leaf rust, and has low yields according to World Coffee Research. The caturra variety is the most commonly planted in Colombia. It is a bourbon mutation that was first discovered in Minas Gerais in Brazil. The plant size is small with good yield potential and good cup quality. Caturra is still susceptible to coffee leaf rust. The Colombia coffee cultivar became very popular after leaf rust devastated the harvest in 1983. Colombia is a Caturra-Timor hybrid. Further experimentation along the same lineage lead to the development of the Castillo cultivar. Castillo has good cup quality and is resistant to leaf rust.