Peru Chanchamayo Highland Coffee Co-Op

Organic | Shade Grown

Aroma & Tasting Notes

Brown Sugar     Peach      Floral     Maple Syrup

Roast Level

Rich Medium Roast

100% Specialty Grade Arabica

More Info

Coffee Origin: Junin Region, Chanchamayo Province, South America

Coffee Certifications: Organic & Shade Grown

Chanchamayo coffee comes with a sophisticated floral taste. It is considered the best Peruvian coffee and truly a must-try for every coffee lover.

Chanchamayo coffee beans exude a room-filling, sweet aroma with distinct nutty and citrusy notes and can be perfectly distinguished from other Peruvian coffees by its floral undertones. It is a highly rated, respected, and regarded coffee beans that only those who taste it can truly understand why the Chanchamayo coffee beans garner so many accolades.


Chanchamayo Highland Coffee is a company that works directly with small producers who have obtained organic certification under fair trade conditions. The company has a processing plant located in the city of La Merced, province of Chanchamayo (Junín region), Peru.

Chanchamayo Highland Coffee currently exports 200 varieties of products, including coffee, cocoa, fruit juices, nectars, jams, banana chips, dehydrated and candied fruits, and exotic liquors, all of organic status, bound for France, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Italy.

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