Medical Mile Blend


Aroma & Tasting Notes

Date      Dark Chocolate      Maple Syrup      Hickory

Roast Level

Intense Dark Roast

100% Specialty Grade Arabica

More Info

Coffee Origin: South America & Indonesia

Grand Rapids Medical Mile is a designated area within the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. It began with medical-related development in the Hillside District of Grand Rapids, Michigan, bordering both sides of Michigan Street. More than a decade later it encompasses an area five times larger, expanding east further down Michigan Street and north across Interstate 196. It has also been referred to as Grand Rapids Medical Corridor, Michigan Street Medical Corridor, Health Hill, Medical Hill, and Pill Hill, among other names.

The corridor originated from the 1996 founding of Van Andel Institute by Jay and Betty Van Andel. It has since expanded to include the Grand Rapids Community College’s Calkins Science Center across Bostwick Avenue, Spectrum Health’s expanded Butterworth Hospital complex, Grand Valley State University’s Health Campus, and Michigan State University Secchia Center Medical School, among other facilities in the area.

Source: Wikipedia