Use 45 grams of medium ground coffee, 15-45 ml of sweetened condensed milk (based on personal preference), and 210 ml of water.

If using the Kruve Coffee Sifter, we recommend using the 600 micron and 1200 micron sieves (the larger being on the top tier). Sift the grounds for 25 seconds. Use only the top two tiers of the sifter and discard the bottom.

  1. Measure 45 grams of ground coffee, and distribute it evenly into the filter.
  2. Do not shake the filters or compress the coffee, or the coffee grounds will drop into the holes of the coffee filter and plug up the holes. The result will be that the coffee takes forever to drip, or the grounds may clog the filter entirely. Place the metal filter gently on top of the coffee.
  3. Pour 15-45 ml of condensed milk into your coffee mug or heatproof glass.
  4. Measure out 210 ml of near boiling water.
  5. Pour 30 ml of hot water into the filter and wait for 5 seconds for the coffee to bloom.
  6. Press on the filter gently to compress the bloomed coffee. This helps slow down the drip rate when you use all of your water. It also makes for a more flavorful coffee.
  7. Slowly pour the rest of the water into the filter. The coffee will begin dripping into your cup or glass. It takes about 5 minutes for the coffee to finish drip brewing.
  8. Remove the filter, and stir to mix in the condensed milk.
  9. Enjoy your Vietnamese hot coffee (cà phê sữa nóng)! To make a Vietnamese iced coffee (cà phê sua dá), pour your coffee over a glassful of ice once it has been brewed and stirred.