Use 340 grams of coffee (course ground) and 7 cups of cold water.

If using the Kruve Coffee Sifter, we recommend using the 1000 micron and 1600 micron sieves (the larger being on the top tier). Sift the grounds for 45 seconds. Use only the top two tiers of the sifter and discard the bottom. Remember, this will cause you to lose some weight in your grounds, so be sure to start out grinding a few grams extra. Your final weight you still want to be 340 grams.

    1. Place the rubber stopper into the outside bottom of the container.
    2. Dampen the filter and place it into the inside bottom of the container.
    3. Pour 1 cup of water into the container.
    4. Add in 170 grams of coarse ground coffee into the container.
    5. Pour in 3 more cups of water into the container in a circular motion.
    6. Wait 5 minutes.
    7. Add in 170 more grams of coarse ground coffee.
    8. Pour in another 3 cups of water. DO NOT STIR!
    9. Gently press down on top grounds with the back of a spoon to make sure all grounds are wet.
    10. Steep the grounds for 12 – 24 hours at room temperature.
    11. Place the container over the glass decanter and remove the rubber stopper from the bottom.
    12. Allow the coffee to flow into the decanter until all has drained. Enjoy for the next 2 weeks!