The Daterra Estate is a Brazilian coffee grower and exporter best known for its innovative research, its respect for the environment and its high quality coffee. Quality and sustainability are the passion of the Daterra Estate. The coffee plantations are located in the Cerrado region (State of Minas Gerais) and the Mogiana region (State of San Paulo). Technology, research and attention to the environment during coffee production have led the Daterra Estate to be known as one of the best coffee producers in the world. The Daterra Estate was Brazil’s first sustainable coffee farm. In 1999 it became ISO 14001 certified and in 2003 became Rainforest Alliance certified, another first for Brazil. The Daterra Estate plantations, settled in different areas, are divided into 215 mini-farms. They are located at an average altitude of 3,800 feet and under a stable temperature of around 70ºF which constitutes the perfect environment for Arabica Coffee production. Furthermore, the prominent dry season during the harvest makes this region unique for the best Arabica coffees. The Daterra Estate values revolve around massive investment in research, quality improvement, solid partnerships, responsible governance, environmental protection, and social development. The Daterra Estate grows its own seedlings and uses organic composting in 100% of the plantation. The Sweet Yellow Bourbon is a single origin bean, getting its name from the yellow color of the ripened cherries and its sweet taste. The Bourbon variety, is a mutant of the Typica variety and is from the island Bourbon. The Typica variety is the original, natural coffee from Ethiopia.

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