Paulina Quizena

“Dancing Turtle Redrock”

Saturday Specialist:

We would like to welcome Paulina “Dancing Turtle Redrock” to The Coffee Crew! Paulina is currently a student at Jenison High School and is planning to attend GVSU to major in Journalism with a minor in Writing…so why are we left to write her bio? She is obsessed (her word) with the Zodiac signs: she’s a water girl, displaying empathy & sensitivity, along with being a competitive Hip-Hop dancer (we don’t even need to embellish this stuff!). She loves friendship bracelets, photography, bubble parties, Sylvester Stallone, Château Miraval Côtes de Provence Rosé, and has a tattoo of “Bart” her first boyfriend written in Old English on the small of her back. Her most distinguished talent (other than Hip-Hop dancing) is that she can cross one eye…talk about getting “The Look”. Lastly, for some strange reason we don’t understand, she only makes “Dad jokes”. Corrections: Post Malone, not Sylvester Stallone and she doesn’t have that tattoo…so she says…

Favorite Coffee: Brazil Sweet Yellow