Natalia Quizena


Saturday Specialist:

We would like to welcome Natalia Q to The Coffee Crew! Her first words to us were “I like to research inflammation in my free time” – nerd, check. And then, “I can make 60 second rice in 48 seconds” – we said, your HIRED!  When asked if she had any other superpowers, she wiggled both ears independently and said she could make chocolate disappear faster than Harry Houdini’s handcuffs. Other interests include indie folk music, gardening, ballerina stuff, parasite farming, dissecting animals and spending quality time with her 3 goldfish. Her idol is Barbara McClintock (discoverer of genetic transposition) and is unabashedly ambitious to win the Nobel Prize in Physiology for some yet-to-be-determined pathological abnormality that occurs in animal diseases. In addition, she hopes to one day dissect her boyfriend Drake and attend The U of M to pursue a career in neurosurgery and one day become the mad scientist everybody thinks she is.

Favorite Coffee: Colombian Supremo Risaralda Pereira Co-Op