Karen Felty

“Hippie Chick”

Farmers Market Specialist:

As a recent retiree, it was time for Karen to pursue opportunities to fill up some time during the week. As a Fulton Street Farmers Market regular, she thought “wouldn’t it be great to combine my love for the market & love for coffee AND get paid to shop at the same time?” Connecting the dots was easy as she already knew of GRCR because her husband, T.W. rented space in the same building for his acoustic guitar building business. Speaking of T.W., Karen says that he serenades her every morning playing the guitar while drinking coffee….awwww ain’t that sweet? Karen has even built & sold a guitar that she made under T.W.’s tutelage – impressive!

As a wild child, Karen once drove to Florida in a Chevy with a three on the tree holding the shifter in 3rd gear with one knee. She can’t remember why she went to Florida but drove home in a Pacer with her 10-year-old daughter that stalled every time it rained. She continued the story with vaguely remembering sleeping on a balcony at some condo building with Santana and friends after a LONG night of partying and using a snowblower to cut the grass while hungover…you see, “Hippy Chick” it fits.

Favorite Coffee: Costa Rica La Pastora Co-Op