Step 1

Place a Kalita Wave filter in the dripper, attach it to the carafe, and rinse completely with hot water by pouring directly in the center of the filter. This helps to remove the paper taste, settles the filter, and warms up the dripper and carafe. Next, warm up your favorite coffee mug with hot water.

Step 2

Grind 18g of fresh roasted coffee as fine as table salt. Add the coffee to the Kalita Wave filter making sure the bed is completely flat. Place the dripper on top of the empty carafe and tare your scale to zero.

Step 3

Start the timer on the scale and then begin pouring near boiling water on the grounds. Start each pour in the center and move in a circular motion out to the sides and back to the center again. Quickly saturate the grounds with 45g of water and allow the coffee to bloom.

Step 4

At 30 to 45 seconds, pour another 45g of water in a spiral motion. Repeat this every 45 seconds until you have reached 270g of water (see table below). The total brew time should be 3 minutes. Remove the dripper off the carafe to drain any remaining water. Pour coffee from the carafe into the warm empty mug. Enjoy!

Pouring Timeline

0.0 – .15                45g

.30 – .45                90g

1.0 – 1.15              135g

1.3 – 1.45             180g

2.0 – 2.15             225g

2.3 – 2.45             270g

We recommend storing your Kalita Wave coffee filters in a coffee mug pushed down to the bottom to help retain their shape. In addition, using a Kruve coffee sifter to get more precise grind size particles, will provide for the best extraction.