Hario v60 Pour Over

Use 21 grams of coffee (medium/coarse grind) and 360 ml of water heated to boiling (212 degrees Fahrenheit).

If using the Kruve Coffee Sifter, we recommend using the 700 micron and 1200 micron sieves (the larger being on the top tier). Sift the grounds for 25 seconds. Use only the top two tiers of the sifter and discard the bottom. Remember, this will cause you to lose some weight in your grounds, so be sure to start out grinding a few grams extra. Your final weight you still want to be 21 grams.

  1. Fold Hario v60 filter into a cone shape.
  2. Place the filter into the dripper.
  3. Pre-wet the filter with boiling water and allow all water to drain out of the dripper.
  4. Discard excess water.
  5. Add 21 grams of the ground coffee into the filter.
  6. Place the device on the digital scale and tare.
  7. Pour water to cover the grounds and allow to bloom for 15 seconds.
  8. SLOWLY pour the water in a circular motion, adding water every 10-15 seconds.
  9. Pour until you have reached 350ml of water.
  10. Once you’ve reached about 3 minutes’ time of brewing, remove the dripper from above the kettle and discard the filter with the grounds.
  11. Pour the coffee into your desired cup/mug and enjoy!

For a more consistent cup of coffee, use the MELODRIP to ensure that all the water you pour is always traveling through a stable and symmetrical slurry, every time.

To clean the v60 Pour Over, wash gently by hand with warm, soapy water. Allow to soak for 5 minutes before allowing it to air dry.