Coffee Origin: Several growing regions in Yemen

Our Yemen green coffee bean offerings come from the Rayyan Mill which is located in the capital of Yemen, Sana’a. Rayyan first began sourcing coffee cherry from the Bani Isma’el District in Yemen but are now growing their relationships further into the surrounding area beyond the capital.

The founders of Rayyan Mill believe Yemen has a unique place in the history of green coffee production and that Yemen has much to offer both the specialty coffee market and those involved in the growing, processing and exporting. In recent years it has become apparent that the production of green coffee in Yemen is vastly misunderstood and the misunderstanding is on both ends of the coffee supply circle between the roaster and producers of green coffee. The goal of Rayyan Mill is to create a bridge between specialty coffee market and Yemen. As one of the oldest producing regions it is this rich Yemen coffee history, ancient varieties, and tradition that Rayyan Mill is seeking to continue to honor, build and expose to the rest of the specialty coffee market.

Our Yemen green coffee microlots are comprised of coffees from multiple smallholder farmers. As is tradition, each farmer in these communities harvest and drys their own crops just as they have for centuries. What makes the green coffee from Rayyan Mill special is the relationships they have with some of the best smallholders and the modern dry processing standards they meet with their state of the art mill. While Yemen has been producing coffee for centuries, Rayyan Mill has secured some of the best cherry and processing to produce some remarkable Yemen specialty green coffee beans.

Our friends at Rayyan Mill care deeply about the republic of Yemen, the people, and coffee and they are committed to making a positive contribution to all three by focusing on cup quality and serving as a bridge between Yemen and the specialty coffee market. This is simply a continuation of our values at Benchmark Coffee Traders and we are proud to offer these exceptional specialty coffees.