Christina Pickett


Saturday Specialist:

Originating from California, Christina decided to leave the sunny, wacky, excessively expensive and overrated Bay Area to embrace The Mitten. She graduated from Calvin College with a bachelors in Psychology and is currently working towards a Master’s in Social Work.  She works for the Calvin Prison Initiative which is a program that offers a bachelors degree to prisoners within the State of Michigan. The goal of the program is to build up leaders from within and ultimately transform the prison culture. When not at work, studying, or hanging out with her 7 housemates, she likes to steal cats from surrounding neighborhoods and give one to each prisoner she works with. She says, “If an education won’t help the inmates, a cat sure will”.  Her roommates point out that she has been self-diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder but she is still diagnosing herself over and over to make sure. They also point out that she is the shortest & loudest of the roommates and is adding endless quarters to the communal “sass jar”.  Christina’s dream is to open a holistic & integrated care counseling center deep in the woods of the Appalachian or Adirondack Mountains…do we dare say, called Purrfect Care? She is recently engaged to a guy (Spencer a.k.a. Meat) and dreams of traveling all over the world together to sample delightful breads, coffee & ice cream, washing her hands again & again and then returning home to spend time with “her” cat, Lily.

Favorite Coffee: Zambia Mubuyu Estate