Use 28 grams of ground coffee (medium/course) and 496 ml of water (56 ml for the bloom, and 440 ml for the brew) heated to 205 degrees.

If using the Kruve Coffee Sifter, we recommend using the 500 micron and 1000 micron sieves (the larger being on the top tier). Sift the grounds for 45 seconds. Use only the top two tiers of the sifter and discard the bottom. Remember, this will cause you to lose some weight in your grounds, so be sure to start out grinding extra. Your final weight you still want to be 28 grams.

  1. Fold a Chemex filter into a cone shape and place it into the brewer. Be sure that the triple thick side of the filter is covering the spout.
  2. Wet the filter inside of the brewer with hot water, then discard the excess water.
  3. Place the Chemex onto your digital scale.
  4. Add 28 grams of ground coffee.
  5. Tare the scale and start the timer on the scale.
  6. Pour 56 ml of hot water onto the grounds to allow it to bloom (2 times the weight of the ground coffee used).
  7. Tare the scale again.
  8. At 45 seconds, begin pouring 200 ml more of the hot water over the grounds. Be sure to use a slow, circular motion. The water level should never go above 1/4 inch from the top of the brewer.
  9. Allow to draw down.
  10. At 3 minutes, add the remaining 240 ml of water.
  11. Remove the filter and grounds and discard.
  12. Total brew time = 6 minutes.