1. Boil the preferred amount of water inside Chemex water kettle.
  2. Grind whole bean coffee into a medium-coarse ground.
  3. Fold a Chemex filter into a cone shape and place it into the brewer.
  4. Wet the filter inside of the brewer with warm water and let drain out into the sink.
  5. Put in 1 tbs of ground coffee into the filter for each 5 oz. cup.
  6. Remove kettle and allow it to stop boiling.
  7. Pour a small amount of water on coffee grounds and wait 30 seconds for the grinds to bloom.
  8. Gently continue to pour water over the grinds with a circular motion, make sure the water level is about a quarter-inch or more away from the top of the Chemex brewer.
  9. After the preferred amount of coffee is brewed, remove the filter with the grinds.
  10. Pour coffee and drink away.