Betsy Trinklein

“C8 H10 N4 O2”

Saturday Specialist & Smartypants:
We would like to welcome Betsy to the amazing Coffee Crew! Betsy was born & grew up in Grand Rapids and was home-schooled by one of her parents, grandparents, aunt or uncle, or next door neighbor; depending on who was at the house at the time. She is now attending Grand Valley State University and is on the path to obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in CHEMISTRY. Boy: that neighbor must have been really smart…She says her hobbies include: reading a book on a rainy day, spending time with friends & family, drinking coffee (insert smiley face) and learning about the coffee roasting process (o.k., now she’s just sucking up). She enjoys vacationing in the U.P. and would be content to stay in Michigan her whole life. But, if she were to choose a place to move to, it would be Colorado Springs, Colorado…we think it’s because they have legalized marijuana – she says, “it’s because of the recreational activities available and scenic beauty”. Also, if she were to travel outside the U.S., she would visit Amsterdam…for the amazing “coffee shops” and great breweries (oh wait; she said Germany) because of her German ancestry of course…and their great breweries!

In the future, she envisions herself wearing a lab coat and safety goggles…maybe to be an optical assembler, physical vapor deposition technician, production mixer, dental lab technician, specimen technician, blood component processor, wastewater treatment operator, phlebotomist, or possibly a chemist.

Favorite Coffee: El Salvador Santa Maria