Autumn Crawford


Saturday Specialist:

We would like to welcome Autumn, aka. U235, to The Coffee Crew! She grew up in a small-town next door to a uranium enrichment plant (hence U235). Since a young age, she has been interested in nuclear physics, astronomy & horror movie makeup [that totally makes sense]. Her goal in life is to combine these interests all the while drinking fabulous coffee & wassail with her dog, a Chihuahua, named honey. Autumn has a wonderful boyfriend, Colin, who is an avid film lover and has a bachelor’s degree in…Film (that’s all she could come up with). He says of Autumn, “she has a radioactive personality”. Interestingly, she shared that she has posters in her bedroom of astronomer Clyde W. Tombaugh, who discovered Pluto, & Michael Myers of the Halloween movies (but not of her boyfriend). In addition, she says that she spends her free time watching the NASA channel and juggling rings while listening to experimental music.  When asked what her favorite foods were, she listed tikka masala, blueberry risotto & Japanese curry (we were thinking she was more like the cosmic brownies, icky intestine cake, raspberry jello worms on a bed of chocolate doughnut crumbs kind of girl – oh well).

Favorite Coffee: El Salvador Natural Santa Ana