About GRCR

Grand Rapids Coffee Roasters: Home of
The Saturday Experience℠

In business since 2007, Grand Rapids Coffee Roasters began at the corner of Hall & Godfrey in a 100+ year old building that once housed Johnson Furniture Company. We are a micro-roaster who strives to produce both a great cup of coffee and an entertaining field trip to customers who visit our roastery.

In addition, we produce several Select Single Origin and Premium Specialty Blend coffees that are Organic Certified, Rainforest Alliance Certified, Fair Trade Certified and Bird Friendly Certified.

Roastery Store Hours

Monday – Tuesday: Wholesale Roasting

Wednesday: Roasting, Roasting, Roasting

Thursday: Retail Roasting

Friday: Customer Pick Up 10:00am – 4:00pm

Saturday: Customer Pick Up 10:00am – 2:00pm

Sunday: Closed

Grand Rapids Coffee Roasters
1111 Godfrey Ave SW
Suite N-190 Mailbox 8C Dock #1
Grand Rapids, MI 49503-5063

Shop Phone: 616.308.7753

How To Find Us

We are located at the foot of the scenic Black Hills neighborhood & Kensington Park at 1111 Godfrey Ave SW in the north [three story] building (between Curve and Hall Streets) two blocks west of US 131.

Enter off Godfrey Ave through the blue door or use the additional parking in the back of the building and enter through Dock #1. As always, free parking available!

If you need assistance finding us, please call 616.308.7753 and we will gladly meet you in the hallway or provide additional directions.

Craig A. Patterson

Owner & Coffee Lover

Craig started drinking coffee at age five, as required by his neighbor to have a piece of her delicious cinnamon coffee cake. From there, consumption of coffee followed over to Grandma’s house – to go with Dutch windmill cookies. As Craig grew older, by age twelve, he dropped the cream & sugar and drank coffee with his dad after Rocket football games with a Marge’s Donut Shop apple fritter. Then he attended high school, college & graduate school where his coffee consumption grew exponentially and his tastes were refined. After several not-so-exciting jobs, he started to research opening up a coffee shop in his beloved hometown of Grand Rapids. Canvassing all over town, he found out to his dismay that Starbucks & Biggbys took up the prime retail sites in Grand Rapids.

After some soul searching in early 2002, Craig started to roast coffee beans at home while in the back of his mind, the idea of a coffee roasting business started to…percolate. Then in 2007, he incorporated and purchased a brand new 5 kilo shop roaster from US Roaster Corporation – Grand Rapids Coffee Roasters was born! A diligent search for the ideal location pursued, with success found in a near abandoned warehouse on the top floor in the scenic Black Hills neighborhood of Grand Rapids. A plain looking wooden picture frame, located on a shelf in the roastery, displays the $10.00 bill from the first bag of coffee sold, to none other than, his parents…