About Us

Great Coffee Starts With A Fresh Roast™

Craig A. Patterson

Owner & Coffee Lover

Craig started drinking coffee at age five, as required by his neighbor to have a piece of her delicious cinnamon coffee cake. From there, consumption of coffee followed over to Grandma’s house – to go with Dutch windmill cookies. As Craig grew older, by age twelve, he dropped the cream & sugar and drank coffee with his dad after Rocket football games with a Marge’s Donut Shop apple fritter. Then he attended high school, college & graduate school where his coffee consumption grew exponentially and his tastes were refined. After several not-so-exciting jobs, he started to research opening up a coffee shop in his beloved hometown of Grand Rapids. Canvassing all over town for years, he found out to his dismay that Starbucks & Beaner’s took up the prime retail sites in Grand Rapids.After some soul searching in early 2002, Craig started to roast coffee beans at home while in the back of his mind, the idea of a coffee roasting business started to…percolate. Then in September 2007, he incorporated and purchased a brand new 5 kilo shop roaster from US Roaster Corporation – Grand Rapids Coffee Roasters was born!A diligent search for the ideal location pursued, with success found in a near abandoned warehouse on the top floor in the scenic Black Hills neighborhood of Grand Rapids.A plain looking wooden picture frame, located on a shelf in the roastery, displays the $10.00 bill from the first bag of coffee sold, to none other than, his parents…

Grand Rapids Coffee Roasters: Home of
The Saturday Experience℠

Drink More Coffee…Drink More Coffee…Drink More Coffee

In business since 2007, Grand Rapids Coffee Roasters began at the corner of Hall & Godfrey in a 100+ year old building that once housed Johnson Furniture Company. We are a micro-roaster who strives to produce both a great cup of coffee and an entertaining field trip to customers who visit our roastery. Saturday is the day that we are open to the public and encourage anyone who enjoys fresh roasted coffee to visit us for free brewed samples as well as a demonstration of the roasting process. We are open from 10:00am to 3:00pm every Saturday (except for major holidays & special events). On select Saturdays customers may sample coffee in a variety of ways: Bunn Brewed, AeroPress, Toddy Cold Brew System, Chemex Drip, Melitta Pour-Over and French Press or by pulling a shot of espresso on our Faema Espresso Machine. Saturday customers receive the special discounted rate of two pounds of any one of our custom roasted Select Single Origin coffees starting at $28.00. Offerings include 20 Select Single Origin coffees, 24 Premium Specialty Blends, 3 Espresso Blends and a nice variety of gourmet flavored coffees. We produce many single origins and blends that are Fair Trade Organic Certified and take pride in being members of FarmLink and the Fulton Street Farmers Market.

Why Grand Rapids Coffee Roasters?
We are often asked why our coffee is so smooth and well balanced when compared to other coffees. Well first of all, we start with only the best specialty grade, 100% Arabica raw coffee beans found in the premier growing regions throughout the world. Here is where we have an advantage over the big commercial coffee roasters – we can locate & purchase better quality raw beans because we don’t need volume of beans they need per year. Then we gently roast our beans by hand in a 5 kilo Millennium shop roaster at lower heat to maximize the roast development time. This allows us to roast the coffee beans evenly, throughout the entire bean. The end result is a smooth, never bitter cup of coffee. The commercial roasters work to meet productivity demands, not quality, and rush the roasting process by cooking at much higher temperatures. The higher temperatures have the effect of charring the outside of the bean while shrinking the roast development time to a minute or two. This produces a coffee with a bite or bitterness that you can taste on the first sip which leads even the most experienced coffee drinker to reach for the cream & sugar!

After slow roasting our coffee, it is then air cooled for a few minutes prior to packaging. Believe it or not, many commercial roasters water cool their beans to add back in the weight lost in the roasting process! This is simply another profit driven measure since coffee is sold by weight, not volume.

We invite you to visit us during The Saturday Experience to learn more about coffee, including: farming & processing techniques; decaffeination; coffee brokerage & importing; Fair Trade & Direct Trade; the roasting process; coffee grinding & storage; brewing methods; espresso and much more! Grand Rapids Coffee Roasters Saturday Experience runs every Saturday from 10:00am to 3:00pm – excluding major holidays.

Gift Boxes, Chocolates & Other Stuff
In addition to our fresh roasted coffee and our own logo gear, we sell Premium Loose Leaf Tea, Bali’s Best Coffee Candy, Sencha Naturals Green Tea Leaf Mints, various chocolate covered goodies, coffee infused pure Michigan maple syrup, hand-framed burlap coffee bags, locally crafted coffee themed jewelry and various coffee brewing items. Custom gift boxes are available and range in price depending on items selected.

Retail Outlets
While supplying many local independent coffee shops, restaurants, churches and businesses, Grand Rapids Coffee Roasters coffee can also be found in these specialty stores: Kingma’s Market & Butcher Shop, Creston Market, Grand Central Market, Stems Flower Market, Sugar Momma’s Bakery & Café, Painted Farmgirl & Friends, Moon Drop Herbals, Wealthy & Hall Street Bakeries, Louis Earl Butcher, Under the Vines, The Fulton Street Farmers Market, Heidi’s Farmstand & Bakery, Albert K’s Lakeside Cafe, Flavors On The Promenade, Lakeside Rehab, and Global Infusion in the Grand Rapids and Central Park Market in Holland and Michigan Coffee Company in Cadillac. Delivery to businesses is free of charge on orders of 10 pounds or more within the Grand Rapids area.

Other businesses enjoying our fresh roasted coffee and loose leaf tea include: Making Thyme Kitchen, Robert W. Baird & Company, B&G Sales of Grand Rapids, Spectrum Health Hospital, Priority Health, Blodgett Hospital, Leedy Manufacturing Company, The Image Shoppe, Theological Book Network, O’Connor’s Homebrew Supply, MGB Designers, Creswick Farm, Media Rare, Amway Corporation, Cornerstone University, Growco Indoor Garden Supply, Trinity CRC, New Life Christian Fellowship, DPT Solutions, Tassier Sugar Bush, Arie Nol Auto Center, Mud Lake Farm, Boston Square Church, Lemmen Holton Cancer Pavilion, Boxed GR,  Boss Lady Realty, City of Grand Rapids, Ellsworth Christian Reformed Church, Local Mocha, Terra GR, Lotus Brew, Roots Brew Shop, West Shore OMS, Tillie Ruth’s Coffee & Tea, Women At Risk Intl, RVL Homes, Kent County Drain Commission, Hello Homes GR, and Wolverine World Wide.

Grand Rapids Coffee Roasters Location
We are located at 1111 Godfrey Ave between Curve and Hall Street. Enter off Godfrey Ave through the blue door or use the additional parking in back and enter through dock 1. As always, parking is free!