Will Olson


Lead Roaster & Website Fixer:

Will comes to us from the U.I.C.A. where he served as the Guest Services Coordinator. Other recent jobs he mastered was Digital Media Coordinator at the GRAM and the paint guy at Home Depot. He took 7 years to complete his BFA in Photography – because Art takes time, duh.

He has three cats. We like the number three.

He has no sense of smell…and a girlfriend – just saying.

If you notice, and we surely did, Will really like shoes. You could say his shoes are a flamboyant extension of his introverted self. His passion for shoes does have some merit as he is a long-distance runner. He also states that his shoes are the only accessory he chooses to indulge in. Could it be that his shoe of choice is a Valentino design…nope, a Nike running shoe, but that doesn’t work for a nickname.

We encourage our customers to feed Will a treat when they see him roasting coffee as it wouldn’t hurt him to gain a few pounds and he is much easier to work with when he has treats…favorites are cupcakes, cookies, premium chocolates, fancy cheese & crackers, etc.

Favorite Coffee: Ethiopia Guji