Coffee Caffeine Content

What gives coffee its kick…caffeine!

Caffeine (trimethylxanthine: C8H10N4O2) is a stimulant, that operates in the brain where it stimulates the central nervous system.

Caffeine has the temporary effect of warding off sleep and restoring alertness in both humans and animals. In Arabica coffee, the average caffeine content is 1.2%, while Robusta’s is 2.2%. It’s believed that this higher level of caffeine lets Robusta plants thrive in more hostile environments, since caffeine acts as a chemosterilant for insects.

The actual concentrations of caffeine depend primarily on the method of brewing and the type of coffee used. Caffeine levels can vary significantly, but it’s been estimated that 90% of the caffeine is extracted within the first minute of brewing.

Variations in caffeine levels are attributed to several factors, including extraction time, temperature, grind level and the type of coffee used.

Caffeine Content Of Common Products

Decaffeinated Brewed Coffee (8oz) 2-4 mg
Green Tea (8oz) 10-25 mg
Black Tea (8oz) 40-60 mg
Coca-Cola (12oz) 34 mg
Dr. Pepper (12oz) 41 mg
Mountain Dew (12oz) 54 mg
Vault (8oz) 47 mg
Instant Coffee (8oz) 60-85 mg
Brewed Coffee (8oz) 65-120 mg
Starbucks Cafe Latte (8oz) 75 mg
Red Bull (8.4oz) 76-80 mg
Rockstar (8oz) 79-80 mg
Monster (8oz) 80 mg
Tim Horton’s (10oz) 100 mg
Biggby Espresso (2oz) 100 mg
Semisweet Chocolate Chips (1 cup) 104 mg
McDonalds Brewed (12oz) 109 mg
K-Cup (8oz) 120 mg
Extra Strength Excedrin (2 tablets) 130 mg
Starbucks Via Ready Brew (8oz) 135 mg
Starbucks Brewed (8oz) 180 mg
Maximum Strength NoDoz (1 tablet) 200 mg
5-Hour Energy (2oz) 207 mg
Kymera Energy Shot (2oz) 325 mg
Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans (28 pcs) 336 mg

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